Who is Angelina

Angelina was adored throughout our hometown of Brindisi, in Puglia, Italy and known as "The Fairy" because there was nothing she could not make.

Her front door was always open and neighbours would drop by, drawn in by the amazing aromas coming from her tiny kitchen stove. She always prepared more than was needed so she could feed all those who stopped by on their way home from work.

Her kitchen was normally full of people who would join Angelina for an afternoon chat, whilst she sewed or knitted the latest requests from her granddaughters.

She was my grandmother, my "Nonna", whom I sorely miss and whose view on life was, "Ce la fe, la fe..." or, to translate, "If you were going to do something, you should do it properly"!

She was, and remains, an inspiration and the Tearoom is a celebration of all that was life with Nonna Angelina.

MarieClaire Semeraro, Owner of Casa Angelina